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How to File a Report and Provide a Donation

Please read before filing a report.

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This form page must be completed to report an alleged illegal alien. Additional addresses and names can be entered into the comments section. After your submission we will review the information and create one or more reports that will be faxed, emailed, or mailed to one or more agencies.

You may choose to remain anonymous for the purpose of filing this report. You may have valid reasons for this.  However, keep in mind that investigators place a higher level of credibility if you provide your contact information, so some aspects of the report can be verified or additional information maybe requested. We recommend that if you would like to remain anonymous, that you provide as much details in the additional comment section. If you check off the anonymous box but provide us with your name and email, we will not submit your name in the report.  Please understand that immigration agencies may, for many reasons, not provide information on a particular case. In fact ICE does not provide status reports on anonymous reports, and FBI and DHS will not provide status reports at all. We have no control over this. Also, if you have not done so yet, please review our
Privacy Policy and our Report Guidelines Policy for additional information.

To file your report:
1. Complete the Form below for one alleged illegal alien. If more than one, you need to complete another form.
2. To contribute to our cause complete the online donation after completing the form.
3. At this point, donations can only be made using visa, master card, E-Check or debit card via PayPal*.

Questions marked with * are required to file a report.

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