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Our simple message is that we can stop illegal immigration and protect America if citizens like you, who are concerned about the uncontrolled influx of illegals aliens, become vigilant and report illegal aliens in their communities. We are not here to ruin lives or to promote intolerance towards others. We do, however, believe in stoping the illegal crossing of aliens through our borders into our cities and towns.

We are in the process of creating a great website for individuals who are concern about illegal immigration to obtain information on how to get involved and make a difference.

Who is an Illegal Alien

An illegal alien is a person who has entered the country illegally and his/her being is “unlawfully present". If they have overstayed their allotted time and not renewed a visa or are not following the required provisions of a visa they are considered a "status violator".  There are several categories of illegal alien activities. These are helpful in understanding how illegal aliens affect our economy and way of life.

Illegal Alien Criminal Activity

Violent Crimes applies to the most serious of offenses such as assault with a weapon, kidnapping, rape, and murder for which the perpetrator happened to be an illegal alien. If you know of an illegal alien who has committed a violent crime, contact local police if you are threatened.

Human Trafficking is a major issue complicating illegal immigration. Individuals involved are usually con artists that typically bait impoverished people in third world countries with promises of jobs and other benefits in other countries so that they will pay them to take them there. Upon arrival victims of human traffickers typically find out that no legitimate jobs exist. About a third of the reports we receive involved some type of human trafficking and/or exploitation of illegals, which may include minors.

Theft and Financial Crime includes people who steal, such as braking and entering, car thefts, shoplifting, burglary, financial scams, including credit card fraud and identity theft. Seventy percent of our reports involved some type of identity theft like opening a bank account, auto loans or credit cards. If you know of illegal aliens that are committing these crimes, report them using our service. In addition to filing with ICE's Identity and Benefits Fraud unit, we file with the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies. Our experience is that this expedites the capture and deportation of illegals.
Document and benefit fraud poses a great risk to our national security because they create a vulnerability that may enable terrorists, criminals and illegal aliens to gain entry to and remain in the United States. Document fraud is the manufacturing, counterfeiting, alteration, sale, and/or use of identity documents and other fraudulent documents to circumvent immigration laws or for other criminal activity. Identity fraud in some cases also involves identity theft, a crime in which an imposter takes on the identity of a real person (living or deceased) for some illegal purpose.
Benefit fraud is the willful misrepresentation of material fact on a petition or application to gain an immigration benefit. Benefit fraud can be an extremely lucrative form of white-collar crime, often involving sophisticated schemes and multiple co-conspirators. These schemes can take years to investigate and prosecute. If you know of an illegal alien who is committing these types of crimes, report them now using this link: REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN

Illegal Alien Employers

Illegal Alien Employers are individuals, companies, non-profit organizations, and government organizations that knowingly employ illegal aliens or have failed to take reasonable precautions to screen for illegal aliens in the hiring process. If you know of a company that hires illegal aliens, you may file a report through our service by following this link: REPORT AN ILEGAL EMPLOYER Keep in mind that an employer that hires illegals is not only breaking the law but exploiting individuals to his/her benefit.

Migrant Labor is the least serious of all illegal alien activity. It simply occurs when someone from one country moves to another looking for work and either overstays their welcome or was never welcome in the first place.

Status Violators are individuals who have overstated their H1, student or tourist visa. At this point they are consider illegal aliens and subject to deportation. Many of these individuals end up taking jobs from Americas by producing fake documentation or their employers simply ignore the violation. If you know an individual who has overstated his/her visa or is using fake documentation, report them by following this link: REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking a significant number of illegal aliens are involved in drug trafficking. Many are used by large cartels or gangs to smuggle drugs in exchange for the opportunity to come across our borders. Drug trafficking is not a victimless crime. Thousands of individuals die as the result of this activity that is closely linked to illegal immigration.

Marriage Scam

Marriage Scams is a significant problem and accounts for 30% of the reports. Marriage to an American citizen is one of the most common pathways to citizenship for an illegal alien. A large portion of illegal aliens who are deported, later resurface as marriage-based green card applicants.  Even though USICE takes significant steps to interview applicants, most of these marriage-based applications get approved. If you know of an individual involved in this type of marriage scam, report them by following this link: REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN.

What can I do?

A private citizen is not required to report someone who is in the country unlawfully, nor does the United States Immigration and Custom Enforcement (USICE) prefer it done. The USICE and FBI are quite aware that persons report foreign nationals for personal reasons rather than security and may seem a bit irritated if such is the case. The obvious exception is if the person has committed or is committing a criminal offense such as domestic and/or child abuse, assault, robbery, and so forth. Or equally important, if the person gives the impression of being a threat or potential threat to national and society's security/safety, (a terrorist). Our position is that this should not deter a private citizen from taking action, if done properly and responsibly.

You may also want to acquaint yourself with some knowledge of immigration law. Follow this link to review basic US immigration laws and regulation:

If you wish to report a person(s) yourself call United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) call (866) DHS-2ICE.

File a Report

If you don't want to make the report yourself, you can request that we file the report for you. We charge a nominal fee of 5.00 per report. Our service is simple and quick way to report illegal aliens and employers to the appropriate U.S. government agencies. It takes only a few minutes to file a report with our service.  It may take several hours on your own and some degree of frustration to find the proper agency and complete and submit a report. Our service will save you time.  Your payment will be used to cover the expense of maintaining our website, faxing reports to ICE, tracking the report and providing updates to you.

When you send us the information we will file with the ICE field office closes to the location of the illegal you are reporting.  Depending on the additional information you provide, we may file with other federal or local agencies.  We do not offer legal advise and nothing in this site should be taken as legal advise.  We facilitate the transfer of information from you to the appropriate agencies that can take action on such information. Before filing a report please review our
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Click on REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN to file your report.

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